Exercize: Kettlebell Swings

If there was just one exercize you did each day, what would it be?

Tim Ferris asks this question in his book, the 4 Hour Body. It’s a great question, one which I use in all areas of my life because I love efficiency and getting the most results for my efforts (the 80/20 rule, which was also introduced to me by Ferris, strikes again).

Tim’s answer?

Kettlebell swings.

A kettlebell is a very specfic type of weight, and the swing is a specific exercize you do with it where you swing it upwards from between your legs. By doing the kettlebell swing you’ll get a bit of a cardio exercize (I’m always out of breath when I’m done) as well toning for your legs, core and arms. The 4 Hour Workweek has some pretty awesome before and after pictures of people who just used the kettlebell.

It’s easiest to learn how to swing is with the help of a video. I used this one:

I try to do about 40 reps a day, using ever increasing weights. I started swinging a 5lb weight and am now up to 40lb, so something must be working.

Take action: buy yourself a kettlebell, watch a few instrucitonal videos and spend just 60 seconds a day swinging!