About Shalom Shore

shalom shore hypnotherapistShalom Shore was born in Jerusalem, Israel, to North American parents, and currently resides in Baltimore, MD. Always one to introspect and soul-search, his formal personal growth journey began with an experiential workshop at the age of 19.

After years of Judaic studies, Shalom earned a Bachelors on the subject and received a Rabbinical ordination from Rabbi Yitzchak Berkowitz. His primary focus was on Jewish mysticism and philosophy, which he studied under author Rabbi David Aaron.

After discovering the guided meditations and teaching of Rabbi Efim Svirsky, Shalom became deeply fascinated with the field of meditation and hypnosis – spending hundreds of hours meditating, studying spiritual healing methods with Svirsky, and attending intensive silent meditation retreats. He also pursued graduate level studies in clinical sociology from the University of North Texas.

Shalom believes that all personal growth facilitation begins with oneself, and has undergone hundreds of hours of therapy, hypnosis, meditation, and life coaching to enhance his own life and share insight with others. He has a multi-disciplinary approach to life, pursuing a variety of different business ventures and hobbies with the goal of experiencing life’s variety to its fullest.

Over the course of the last few years, he has embraced a more holistic worldview and treatment modality, incorporating elements of Buddhist philosophy, Gestalt and Existential psychology, and life coaching techniques, into his practice. He continues to facilitate workshops, counsel individuals in private practice, and share insights via his blog and meditation recordings.